ARTEMIS: Cutting-Edge Robot

Prostate cancer diagnosis gets a game-changer with ARTEMIS—a cutting-edge robot merging real-time MRI and ultrasound. Unlike conventional biopsies, ARTEMIS significantly reduces false negatives, offering precision and minimizing invasive procedures.

Revolutionizing Prostate Cancer Diagnosis with ARTEMIS

Transforming Prostate Cancer Diagnosis with Real-Time MRI and Ultrasound Fusion, Providing Precision and Minimizing Invasive Procedures

ARTEMIS Precision Diagnosis Advancements

Accurate Localization: ARTEMIS combines real-time MRI and ultrasound, allowing precise tumor localization during biopsy.

Robotic Precision: A robotic arm ensures millimeter-precise access to prostate lesions, facilitating both transrectal and transperineal approaches.

Focused Treatment: ARTEMIS doesn't just diagnose; it remembers sample locations, enabling focused treatment in a second intervention, sparing patients from unnecessary complications.

Advanced Care, Patient Confidence

Minimally Invasive: ARTEMIS provides minimally invasive access and precise lesion localization within the prostate.

MRI-TRUS Fusion: Robotic fusion biopsy combines MRI and ultrasound, avoiding unnecessary repetitions and minimizing risks.

Reduced Anxiety: ARTEMIS lowers the risk of false negatives, providing patients with confidence in their diagnosis.

Personalized Approach: Configurable for rectal or transperineal biopsies, ARTEMIS adapts to the tumor's location, ensuring a tailored approach.

This groundbreaking technology, performed by a specialized team, marks a significant leap in prostate cancer care, offering hope for more accurate diagnoses and targeted treatments.


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